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MOUNTAIN OYSTERS Eddie Davis 1949 Eddie Davis rec 1949 Down in Georgia at hog killin' time, You can buy that pork, a pound for a dime! Some buy the knuckles and some buy the ears, But most o' them cats, they love his gears! It's oysters, them good old mountain oysters! Well, the butchers down south, they give a hog a shave, There ain't a part about him that they don't save! 'Cause the folks in Georgia, way back home, They love that meat that ain't got no bone! Oysters, those good old mountain oysters! When the weather gets cold and you got to eat, You know it's hog killin' time and you get your favourite meat! You go in the store and get a pound for a dime, And you are in for a ballin' time! It's oysters, those good old mountain oysters! Oysters, those good old mountain oysters! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2010)


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