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MOVIE QUEEN (Paul Kelly) Bill Anderson This is a song about a girl from the bayou down in Louisiana country The story simply says She left home at sixteen said she was gonna be a movie queen Said her hometown was just too small and she had roaches and rats wall to wall So without a bag of beans she made a change of scenes Hitched a ride up to New Orleans With just the clothes on her back and a little brown sack Said hello to the city where she would learn to act Gonna be a movie queen gonna be on the big wide screen Fancy clothes and diamond rings have all the better things She took a part time job at the Burger King Went to school at night oh she was doin' her things Then she started hangin' out with the evening crowd Gettin' high acclaim before she knew it she was all strung out She still had that dream of bein' a movie queen So she decided she'd have to leave New Orleans Hollywood bound but with her feet on the ground When she got to the city she took a look around Said gonna be a movie queen... Oh but things didn't work out that way they found her dead in her room today But in my mind I can hear her say I can still hear her say Gonna be a movie queen... (Contributed by Karen Pierce - December 2002)


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