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MOVIN' (Gordon Lightfoot) Recorded Gordon Lightfoot EP 1967 & 1993 Everybody's movin', movin' across the town, The Skyline grows and the cut of the clothes, Is enough to turn you around. Oh, Oh the future is just an hour away, And the hearts of youth are aflame, Everybody's movin', nothin' stays the same! Fields are turnin', the bridges are burnin', And the light turns night into day. It's the time to stake it or make it or break it, For the time flies quickly away. Oh, oh it's the time to start makin' your mark, And it's the time to get in the game! Everybody's movin', nothin' stays the same! Upwards, outwards, all around, They're reachin' for the sky. The ribbons of highway and roads of steel, It's a time to be alive! Oh, oh, ain't no ragin' river that we can't cross, Nor giant too tall to be slain, Everybody's movin', nothin' stays the same! (Contributed by David Story - April 2013)


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