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MR. PIPER COME AND PLAY FOR ME Deanna Durbin 1936 (live) Sung during Eddie Cantor Show (Texico Town) Dec 27th 1936 Orchestra Jack Renard Oh Mr. Piper, will you play for me I shall be as grateful as I can be Oh they tell me when you play, fairies sometimes dance If I'm very quiet, they may come to take a chance It would be so wonderful, such a sight to see Oh Mr. Piper, come and play for me. Now I see the fairies coming Here they are at last Isn't it just lots of fun To see them skipping fast One has fallen over He was running far to fast. Oh, XXX Oh, Mr. Piper, I didn't think they'd hear All the dainty little things begin to disappear XXX funny XXX the crackling of the XXX And to see the fairy queen Point her tiny toe. Where they're gone, I too must ran away Thank you Mr. Piper, I'll be yours today. (Transcribed by David Story - August 2013)


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