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Mr. RIGHT (Lyrics : Doug Ready) Doug Ready & Jericho - Copyright renewed 2001 Douglas Meredith Ready I’ve waited and I’ve watched while you looked for Mister Right Helped you pick up pieces of your broken heart night after night But a lesson seems like something that you don’t know how to learn And the time for us is not while you watch bridges burn (Chorus) I won’t hold off ‘til tomorrow the things I feel today Even if you aren’t ready for the things I have to say You can say my timing’s lousy, you can say I’m out of line But it’s damn well time you thought about being mine Mister Right ain’t where you’re looking, and he’s never who you think But your vision gets right blurry when he’s bought your second drink And his voice sounds so sweet and sincere when he hands you his best line But you don’t realize he’s only gonna stay the night (Chorus) Wipe the dust off of your glasses, pull ‘em on and you might see If you’re gonna look for Mister Right, you ought to look at me If you really think I’m here for you because I want to be just friends Well, babydoll, you’d better think again (Chorus)


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