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MRS MERRY’S BALL Now Mrs.Edgar Merry, she thought she’d have a ball So she sent out invitations around to one and all. It really was a christening I’d have you understand And just to make it a success her did engage a band. To me raa, to me ray, to me rew-dum, rew-dum riddle They played upon the fiddle and danced up and down the middle, Jolly boys and pretty girls, enough to please you all. A regular slap-up sort of a spree was Mrs. Merry’s ball. There was beer and ale and whisky and punch and porter too And pipes and cake tobacco you could either smoke or chew. There were lots of cakes and pastries, and likewise bread and cheese. And snuff upon the table just to make the ladies sneeze. (Now play an instrumental selection of polkas and hornpipes.) Well they introduced the baby and we kissed it twice all round Then Mrs. Merry fainted and fell nearly to the ground. So they brought her round with water wi’ a drop o’ something in, And when she did regain her feet the dancing did begin. To me raa… To finish off my story I really am not able For next morning I found myself lying underneath the table. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t stand, I could hardly move at all. And ne’er will I forget the night of Mrs. Merry’s ball. To me raa… To me raa…


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