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MRS. MURPHY (Scott Engel) Scott Walker - 1966 Hello Mrs. Murphy, that's a lovely dress you're wearing, is it new? Why, thank you Mr. Wilson But I've had this same old dress about a year or two Upstairs in bed, the tall boy spreads just like a cat With his hands behind his head And lay there thinking of a dream that he had I hear that the Johnsons had a baby, Mrs. Murphy, is that true? Why, yes, but it's rumoured That the little tot's real daddy lives in twenty-two In twenty-two the boy lay whistling out of view Riding on the sea Dreaming of a thousand things he'd like to be Poor Mr. Johnson, being married to a wife who should be caged It's the child who will suffer And to think that that young man is less than half her age Upstairs he sits, he hears a knock and nothing more Come on in, you're late Well, don't just stand there, Mrs. Johnson, close the door (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2013)


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