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MR. TENOR MAN (Carroll / Jackson) Lou Christie ("la la la" falsetto scat singing) They talk about the bass man, he had success Oh what they say about him, I couldn't care less But I'm a tenor man & a-don't you forget That I have got the sound that the kids love best CHORUS: (over "la la la" falsetto scat singing): (Listen to the tenor man, listen to the tenor man Listen to the tenor man, ah) They all come around & we hit the town They never start screamin' till they hear this sound Now I don't care about a "boom boom boom" They don't start to swoon till they hear me croon (chorus) They talk about tenors day & night Don't care if the sound is wrong or right All I have to do is open my mouth Everybody wants to jump & shout (instrumental) Now, Mr. Bass Man, before you go Let me hear you "boom boom" just once more (low, trilling "boom boom" scat singing) (spoken): Together now! (repeat chorus & fade)


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