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MR. WONDERFUL From the Broadway Show "Mr. Wonderful" (1956) (Jerry Bock / George David Weiss / Larry Holofcener) Olga James (Broadway Production) - 1956 Sarah Vaughan - 1956 Peggy Lee - 1957 Keely Smith - 1957 Rose Murphy - 1957 Stanley Black & His Orch. (Instr.) - 1962 Ann-Margret - 1963 Dean Martin - 1967 The Kinks - 1972 Bette Midler - 2005 Also recorded by: The Beverley Sisters; Vera Lynn; Red Garland; Joni James; Teddi King; Mindy Carson; Marion Ryan; Janet Seidel; Johnny "Hammond" Smith; Billy Ternent: .......... and others. Why this feeling, why this glow Why the thrill when you say "Hello" It's a strange and tender magic you do Mister Wonderful, that's you Why this trembling when you speak Why this joy when you touch my cheek I must tell you what my heart knows is true Mister Wonderful, that's you And why this longing to know your charms To spend forever here in your arms Oh, there's much more I could say But the words keep slipping away And I'm left with only one point of view Mister Wonderful, that's you One more thing, then I'm through Mister Wonderful, Mister Wonderful Mister Wonderful, I love you


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