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MUCH TO MY SURPRISE (Gordon Lightfoot) As recorded Gordon Lightfoot 1998 I saw two dreamers dreamin' They almost caused a spark I saw two lovers in paradise Right back at the start. I saw two minds in the world set free But it almost broke my heart Isn't it strange to be right now Havin' you close to me. Much to my surprise. I saw two schemers schemin' They almost caused a lark. They were two brave souls on a wild blue spree Right back at the park They were like two ships and they sailed right by Each other in the dark Wouldn't you like to be right now Out where the actors play. So much for your disguise. I saw two souls out searchin' They said they're last goodbyes And I saw two hearts of passion bent Much to my surprise. I saw two hearts on passion bent The kind which mystifies It is so strange to be right now Having you on my knee. Much to my surprise. (Transcribed by David Story - March 2013)


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