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MUCKING ABOUT THE GARDEN (Q Cumber - Probably Leslie Sarony) As recorded by: Jack Hylton & His Orchestra V. Leslie Sarony Recorded 29th August 1929 We're a happy family; I'd like you all to know. We live with Uncle Joe In a little bungalow. It has got a garden and it keeps him on the go. When a friend says, "Where's your uncle?" we just answer, "Oh, He's mucking about the garden, always on the go." Seeds begin to show. Weeds begin to grow. Mucking about the garden, dear old Uncle Joe Works for hours Among the flowers And then begins to grow Everything is lovely-uvely everywhere, everywhere. Morning noon and night he's on the go. Oh! Mucking about the garden, dear old Uncle Joe Sings, "Ripe tomatoes, apples or plums," Watching his onion grow. (Musical Break) On useful garden hints and knowledge I will now expound Always plant rice pudding seeds A mile beneath the ground Go and get your toasting fork You find there’s lots of jobs on And don’t forget that water cress Are radishes with knobs on And there’s one thing more I’d lie to say while on this tack If your rhubarb’s far too forward Simply bend it back (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley -April 2014)


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