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MULE SKINNER BLUES (Rodgers / Vaughn) Recorded by : Roy Acuff; Belmont Playboys; Buzz Busby & The Bayou Boys; Lonnie Donegan; Druhá Tráva; Ramblin' J Elliott; José Feliciano; Fendermen; Connie Francis; Woody Guthrie; Grandpa Jones; Kingfish; Benny Martin; Joe Meek; Bill Monroe; Van Morrison; Odetta; Old & In The Way; Osborne Brothers; Dolly Parton; Settlers; Billy Smith; Jim Sundquest; Sweethearts Of The Rodeo; Champs Vibro; Hank Williams. Jimmie Rodgers' version - 1930 BLUE YODEL NR. 8 aka MULE SKINNER BLUES (Original title : "Blue Yodel" #9) Well it's good morning captain Good morning shine Do you need another muleskinner Out on your new mud line I like to work I'm rolling all the time I can pop my initials On a mule's behind Hey little water boy Bring that water round If you don't like your job Set that water bucket down Workin' on the good road Dollar and a half a day My good girl's waiting on a Saturday night Just to draw my pay I'm going to town, honey What you want me to bring you back Bring a pint of booze And a John B Stetson hat I smell your bread a-burning Turn your damper down If you ain't got a damper, good gal Turn your bread around ***** The Fendermen's version - 1960 Well, good morning, Captain Well, good morning to you Do you need another mule skinner Down on your new mud run Ha, ha, hip, ee, ee......... CHORUS Well, I'm an old mule skinner From down Kentucky way And I can make any mule listen Or I won't accept your pay Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, ha, ha Well hey, hey Little water boy, come here boy Bring that water bucket around Ha, ha, ha If you don't like your job Water boy, put that bucket down Ha, ha, ha, ee, ee, ha, ha, ha (CHORUS) (Contributed by Nancy - June 2004)


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