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MULTICOLORED LADY Album : Laid Back Gregg Allman Got on a bus to Memphiiiss, Destination Rome... Georgia aaaiin't no Paradiiisse, no place I could call hooooommmeee. I sat next to a broken hearted briiiiddeee She was cryyyinn' tryyyyyin' so hard to hide Her selfish sorrooooowwwww... Multicolored Ladaaaaayyyy You ain't like no rainbow I've ever seen... Multicolored Laddaaayyy Angry Red, Passion Blue, but mostlayyy Shades of graaaayyyyyy I tried to get her talkin' She didn't have much to saaaaaayyyyyy Asked me for a ticket to deeeaaatthhh rooowwww And I didn't know the waaaaayyyyyyy She had lost a million in the game She wouldn't look out my window At the pine trees And the rain It wasn't her gaaammmee Multicolored Laaddaaayyy You ain't like no rainbow I've ever known Multicolored Laaadddaaayyy Angry Red, Passion Bluuuee, but mosttllaayyy Shades of Graaaaayyyyyy Evening came And brought more rain... Nothing seemed to ease heeeerrrrr paaaaiiinnn All the minutttess seeemmed like hourrssss Allll in vaaaaaaaiiinnnn I watched as her teaaarrsss keep runnin' wiiiilllddd And after awhile, long while, after, way on past She start smiiiilliiinnn' Multicolored Laaddaaayyyy You ain't like no rainbow I've ever known... Multicolored Laddaaaaayyy Please come with mmeeeee, I'll take yooouuuu To my hooohoooohoooooooommmmmmmmmeeee Oh, by the waaayy, I'm bound for Rome...


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