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MY AMERICAN BEAUTY ROSE (Harry H. Zickel, 1910) You may talk about your girlies, girlies here and everywhere, Girls from Norway, Sweden, Italy, and Spain, Saffron girls from far off China, German girls with flaxen hair; Girls from Russia, Turkey, pretty girls and plain... Not for me your Enlglish beauty, or your girl with wooden shoes, And for me the girls of France no longer pose; While the Scotch and Irish lassies, really, I must now refuse, For my own, my fair American Beauty Rose... She is regal in her beauty, she is queenly in her grace, Yet there's warmth and love and passion in her heart,... And a smile of true affection seems to glorify her face, As I read the message, "only death can part." Take the charms of all the dear ones, all that's sweetest, all that's best, 'Till you've found the fairest, rarest, Flow'r that grows; In this sum of all perfection, glowing far above the rest, You will find my own American Beauty Rose. Oh you loving, happy Yankee girl.... You're the one who sets my heart awhirl,... You are charming, pretty, wise and kind, And a dearer, sweeter one no man can find;... In your glorious cheeks and skin and eyes,... Our Red, White and Blue so bravely flies;..... And my heart's all for you, You're true blue thru and thru, You're my own American Beauty Rose.


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