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MY BABY (Ken Nordine) Ken Nordine Wantcha to know that I love my baby And my baby loves me Short time ago, we went out together, to a place called Far Out - up in Limbo The rhythm was there. Yeah! Something special was in the air. I reached over and held my baby's hand. She gave me a little squeeze. I knew we were in the same key. Everythings's beginning to swing! In a quiet, cool, warm way. My baby didn't say anything. Just looked at me with that special look she has. I looked back with that special look I get when my baby looks at me with that special look she gets. I couldn't help myself! It was love for sure. I picked my baby up. Danced over to the stage. And I told the leader: "Leader, this is my baby." He just said "Crazy!" My baby gave him a special look like my baby does. He could see my baby had eyes to swing. So he adjusted the mic and he simply said in his complicated way "of course." And my baby's shy So I gave it the first try. (Contributed by =Ae= - September 2014)


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