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MY BEL AMI >From the film "The Private Affairs Of Bel Ami" (1947) (Lyrics: Jack Lawrence / Music: Irving Drutman) Angela Lansbury with Gloria Grafton and chorus (Film Soundtrack) - 1947 Dinah Shore - 1947 Hildegarde - 1947 Though many women adore him So many women, they bore him I'm just a woman who's for him If only he loved only me Who am I dreaming of Each time I dream of love My Bel Ami Who clinks his glass with mine Each time we're drinking wine My Bel Ami Whose arms romance with me Each time they dance with me It's plain to see Whose love is deep, whose love is strong Whose love will keep, but not for long Who'll be deceiving me, who will be leaving me Bel Ami (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2014)


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