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MY BIRD OF PARADISE (MY HONOLULU GIRL) (Irving Berlin, 1915) In Honolulu far away A maiden who could not be gay is feeling so much better since she received a letter. From her Hawaiian lover came a little tender note. She's so excited and so delighted for this is what he wrote. In Honolulu by the sea A maiden's waiting patiently and as a ship goes past her Her little heart beats faster. He'll soon be landing at the pier She's waiting for the boat. He won't forget her for in his letter her sweet Hawaiian wrote. Wait for me, My Honolulu girl, My Hula hula girl I'm coming back to you That sunny sky land Hawaiian Island Will soon be my land I hear a ukalele strumming gaily. In my dreams You seem to say to me, Come back and play to me that melody Oh, so nice! So if you love me still my things I'll pack again Then I'll be coming back again to you, my bird of Paradise.


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