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MY BLACK AND WHITE DOG Champion Jack Dupree Do you remember that little black and white dog I had? Yeah, I remember the dog. The one they used to call Nix? Yeah, "Nix"! He was a bad dog, that son of a gun, boy he was so bad till the police got at him, you know. Yeah, he was somebody else! You know, he bit anybody! Yeah! And it was funny, when I went there and saw you sittin' there and he was laying on the floor asleep... Well I been around before you were... Yeah - I know you'd either been there before me or you'd been there after me or something, you know... Yeah, I knew your wife before I knew you! Oh, that was the thing, yeah... You know, I come home the other day and he was sitting up on that hind leg and some cat, an insurance man, was pattin' him on the head, you know... and he didn't say a word, and as soon as I opened the door the sonofa jumped at me you know The insurance man was paying the rent Yeah... and I say to him, I said looka here Nix, what the hell's the matter with you? You don't know me from the other man? You know, and he just kept growlin' at me you know. So I know what I'm gonna do... gonna change... I know I'm gettin' me a tiger... Or either a lion or something you know... if I don't do that I get a gorilla or a juju... You know, down in Alabama they don't drink Scotch whiskey... Yeah I know, especially black and white... No, No... They don't drink it, no... They threw the bottle away you know. They don't even allow blackbirds to fly over Alabama... The poor buzzards they can't alight around near the woods in Alabama... 'Cause they got a white collar (Contributed by =Ae= - September 2009)


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