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MY BLACKBIRDS ARE BLUEBIRDS NOW (Irving Caeser / Cliff Friend (m & l) ) Sung by Annette Hanshaw 1928 Also available on < Annette Hanshaw The Girl Next Door 1927 - 1932 > (album released 1994) Also sung by: National Cavaliers Quartet Jeff Healey Band McKinney's Cotton Pickers Sunny Bottom Boys Nate Gibson and the Gashouse Gang Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians Ruth Etting Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra Jimmy Dorsey The Singapore Slingers And many others... The nights alright, the days alright The worlds all right, and I'm alright I'm gonna be so happy I know. This mornin' I looked at the sky And heard the backbirds say goodbye And heard the bluebirds sayin' hello. Listen, can't you hear them singin' above They'd have learned that I've been lucky in love. All day long, I sing a song I sing a song because nothins' wrong My blackbirds are bluebirds now. Bad luck's gone on his way Good luck had to come back to stay My blackbirds are bluebirds now. Told the little whipoorwhills Told the pretty daffodils Told the preacher on the hill The wedding's Sunday, honeymoon's Monday. Yes sirree, life's worthwhile Look at me with a great big smile My blackbirds are bluebirds now. (bridge) Used to be lonely, used to be blue Walkin' around with nothin' to do Watchin' and waitin' all the day through For someone I could love. Out of a clear sky, bright as the sun There came a sunbeam, second to none I looked and I knew, that that was the one The one for me to love. Everything turned out so good And I wonder that I'm knockin' on wood. I'm as happy as a lark No more sittin' in the park No more hidin' in the dark His father, mother, sister and brother. All said yes, we said yes And yes it gives me happiness My blackbirds are happy little bluebirds now. That's all! NOTES: Over the years, this was such an extensively produced song that a number of lyric variations exist, too many to enumerate here. (Catherine) Annette Hanshaw was an American-born blues and jazz singer from the 1920s and early 1930s and was purportedly one of the first female jazz singers of that era. She was known as 'The Personality Girl' by her followers and fit the 1920s period perfectly with her flapper style and sweet innocent-sounding voice. She often ended her songs (for instance this one) with the cute tag line "That's All". Some consider the 1930s Hanshaw as a 'torch singer' along with the likes of Ruth Etting, Mildred Bailey, Jane Froman and Bebe Daniels. Strangely, she thought her abilities 'wanting' by her own standards and retired early to married life, after only 15 years in the business. (Transcribed by David Story- March 2014)


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