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What song will you find on Lyrics Playground today?

MY CHOICE Nienke Buiskool Leeuwma Refrein: And everyday that I feel okay, yeh. Is the day that I know how to succeed, And I know that it’s my choice, I’ll fight for it to the end. And when I had to seen, to believe to go on, Even when it’s hard to show, your power, For the rest of your live. Come to me closer to, Follow the path of the stars. Close your eye’s and feel, The rhythm of your hart. This is the way I go, The biggest journey I have had. Go for it and see. The greatest light I get. Refrein There so excited to see, That I came to this point. Live gives me a change. I’ll never let it go. Refrein (Contributed by Nienke Buiskool Leeuwma - October 2007)


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