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MY COUSIN LUELLA Bernard Bierman & Jack Manus All the boys are buzzin' since I introduced my cousin Louella, Count them by the dozen as they swarm around my cousin Louella. The way they sigh when she walks by you'd think she was a movie queen They never saw such charm before not even on a movie screen. Like the bees they're buzzin' for some honey from my cousin Louella Ev'ryone supposin' he'll be chosen as the fortunate fella. But will they shout when they find out my cousin will be leavin' soon Louella only came to town to buy herself a pretty gown For her honeymoon. Copyright 1947 Published by Francis, Day & Hunter, Ltd 138-140 Charing Cross Road London WC2 Taken from sheet music. (Contributed by - Paul Daniel November 2014)


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