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MY DAD (Porter Wagoner) Porter Wagoner - 1973 My daddy was a hard working farm man With dirt on his hands most all his life But inside my daddy's soul was as clean as white linen And his heart was as pure as solid gold Like most boys when I was growin' up I wanted to be just like my dad 'Cause I felt that he had something That very few people had My daddy was just a smiple man He lived all his life on a little farm where I was born He never had an education he didn't get to go to school But he was the smartest man that I've ever known I believe God must have been my daddy's teacher For he talked a lot with him And when dad found somethin' that he didn't understand He'd ask God about it just like you'd ask a friend Honesty was a word that my dad lived by His word was his bond, it meant the same That's why he could borrow money from the bank Just by signin' his name The first thing I remember learnin' from dad Was the meaning of honesty He said if you're honest, son It means a whole lot more than you just won't lie or cheat If you're honest you'll do unto others Like you'd have them do unto you And you'll always give more than just your share In anything that you do Honesty stands like a giant oak tree With roots strong and deep in the sod And if you're always honest with yourself son It covers many of the commandments of God Pride was another word that my dad lived by He took pride in each thing and one that he told me why He said always take pride in each thing you do, boy No matter how small it may be For God gave you the mind that you begin with And take pride in each new thing that you see And don't ever think that you're better than anyone But always remember you're just as good as anybody son And just because you're wearin' overalls with patches to cover each hole Why it's not what's on the outside that makes a man boy It's what's hidden deep in his soul So always be honest and proud son in each thing that you do And when you're in doubt about something ask God about it 'Cause he's always honest with you (Contributed by - October 2007)


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