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MY DISCARDED MEN (Steve Bronski / R. Gammons / Eartha Kitt) Eartha Kitt I'd like to tell a little story That's been told time and time again About the foolish men who chased me My discarded men They used to tell me they loved me But I knew better than them I'd find them looking around the corner My discarded men Piercing eyes with a vengion Tell them to count to ten They'd bribe me with their diamonds My discarded men Telephone calls in the evening They'd drive me round the bend Caviar, champagne and roses From my discarded men Chased me after a fashion I could never pretend No substitute for passion My discarded men You think you can thrill me Ha Ha Ha You can think again Watch out or you might become One of my discarded men (Whistling) I'd like to dress up in sequins And treat myself now and then Perhaps I'll give a little favor To one of my discarded men Ha Ha Ha You think you can win me And be my special friend Just take a tip from the others Grrrrrrr My discarded men (whistling and laughing) My discarded men (laughing)


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