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MY FAVOURITE BRUNETTE Henry Watkinson (Johnny Burke / Jimmy Van Huesan) Bob Hope / Dorethy Lamour DORETHY Bobby Hope was a boy who liked girls with raven tresses He thought every girl just for him was saving yesses He figured that the duty of each brunette beauty Was to run to him for necking At his every bark and beckon Here comes this lonesome male And here's his pitaful tale He says BOB I will date Rosie cause Rosie is cosy And she's my favourite brunette DORETHY But rosie this summer Was dating the plumber BOB She turned out ot be all wet I'll make Rosita, that sweet senorita My brand new favourite brunette DORETHY Bu this hot-to-molly Was tickling Charlie By shaking her castanets BOB Dark-haired Tilly was silly over Willy Lily and Billy were Kind of Jack and Jilly DORETHY So he tried a redhead But she was a dead head BOB And what can you do with a blonde? I tried using my noodle and bought a black poodle DORETHY His brand new favourite brunette BOB But she loves a spanail Name of Danial DORETHY That was the pay off and though he was way off He hasn't stopped trying yet He was last seen in Tibet You bet,chasing another brunette BOB I got pally with Sally May O'Malley Patting and pinching right in her mothers kitchen Again I had to lose out Someone blew the fuse out What can you do in the dark Tell me, how about you babe? Will you be my new babe? My brand new favourite brunette? DORETHY Uh Ah the kind of man that I demand Must have a lot at his command BOB I'll learn a lot of parlour tricks And get advice from Dorethy Dicks DORETHY And would you buy me diamond rings? and little thousand dollar things? BOB I'll give you lots of cadillacs To go with every pair of slacks DORETHY Well let me know whan you get there BOTH Then you'll be my favourite brunette (Contributed by Henry Watkinson - December 2003)


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