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MY GEE GEE FROM THE FIJI ISLANDS (Lew Brown / Albert Von Tilzer, 1920) Hiram Perkin, got tired of workin' on the farm each day So he wandered down to see the circus in the town Saw the animals, and the cannibals when they came on view Then he flirted with a wild wild woman, and they got real friendly too When Hiram got back home, the folks all gathered by his side They said, "Where were you what did you see?" and Hiram replied. Hiram giggled each time she wiggled he was gone for fair Followed her around until the circus left the town Told the friends he knew he was going to sell his farm next day They thought he was going crazy so they called the doctor right away The doctor felt his head and said There's something wrong inside I can't diag'nose it what can it be?" and Hiram replied. Oh! Gee! say gee, you ought to see my Gee Gee, From the Fiji Isle Gosh Gee, say Gee, you ought to be with Gee Gee She can make you smile Rings inside the nose Bells upon her toes And I'm here to tell you that she's some high kicker, Her kick is like the kick in home made liquor, She's got a lingo as funny as By Jingo, you know what I mean And she does a twister, much better than her sister, silly Chili Bean Over here, over there, she's a little but bare, So she wears a lot of leaves to protect her from the air Oh! Gee, say gee, you ought to see my Gee Gee, From the Fiji Isle.


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