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MY GIRL'S A RHYTHM FAN (Box / Cox / Roberts) Harry Roy & His Orchestra (vocal: Harry Roy & Chorus) My girl’s a rhythm fan And when we go dancing, She sits in a corner like little Jack Horner And listens to the Wah-de-da-de-da-de-da-de-da Of the band. My girl’s a rhythm fan When I take her diving she can’t get romantic She’s driving me frantic, all she’ll do is Wah-de-da-de-da-de-da-de-da with the band Oh. I never get a kiss, I never get a thrill When the lights are low You can’t make love when the turtle dove Goes skiddly-diddly-diddly-diddly-doh. My girl’s a rhythm fan Home in the evening she seems to be tireless She’ll turn on the wireless and listen to the Wah-de-da-de-da-de-da-de-da of the band. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - December 15th, 2004)


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