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MY GIRL'S GOT IT >From the film "His Loyal Highness" (1932) (Alaric Howitt / George Wallace) George Wallace (Film Soundtrack) - 1932 You remember when I spoke About my girl named Sue I thought she was fine Someday she'd be mine But one day she went away To the city's giddy whirl She came back today And I'm very sorry to say You wouldn't know her if you saw her 'Cause she doesn't seem to fit I'm all excited Because my girl's got it When she landed at the station Oh, I nearly had a fit She caused a big sensation Because my girl's got it Her hair was brown Now she's a platinum blonde And, oh, her eyes They gaze into the beyond I had a great big roll of money Thought that pretty I would sit But she got her fingers on it And now my girl's got it (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2017)


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