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MY HANDY MAN (Andy Razaf / Eubie Blake) Ethel Waters - 1928 Victoria Spivey & The Clarence Williams Blue Five - 1928 Helen Humes - 1973 Carmen McRae - 1987 Carol Joy Robins - 1989 Also recorded by: Elsie Carlisle. Whoever said a good man is hard to find Positively, absolutely sure was blind I've found the best man there ever was Here's just some of the things that my man does Why he shakes my ashes, greases my griddle Chimes my butter and he strokes my fiddle My man is such a handy man (oh yes he is) He threads my needle, creams my wheat Heats my heater and he chops my meat My man is such a handy man Now I don't care if you believe it or not He's so good to have around And when my furnace gets too hot He's right there and turns my damper down Why for everything he's got a scheme You oughta see that new stuff he uses on my machine That man is such a handy man (he's God's gift girls) Why he flaps my flapjacks, cleans off my table Feeds my horses out in my stable That man is such a handy man, mmm yeah Sometimes he's up long before the dawn Busy trimmin' the rough edges off my front lawn Yeah that man is such a handy man Why you know he never has a single word to say No, not while he's working hard And I wished that you could see the way He handles my front yard Yeah you know my ice don't get a chance to melt away Cause he sees that I get that fresh piece every day My man, my man is such a handy man And I ain't kiddin'!


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