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MY HAWAIIAN ROSE (Walter Bolian / James G. Henshel, 1918) On an island fair where the flowers rare With their fragrance fills the balmy air Where fair maidens are I hear the old guitar Calling me back to this land a far, Where the palm trees sway and the lovers gay sing love songs all the while, There my heart goes back to a rose I left upon this flowered isle. Where the twilight fades then the soft night shades Make me long for the land of dark eyed maids And there comes to me across the sea, Visions that gill me with ecstasy, And in restless dreams it always seems I hear this rose implore, That I once more come to the shore Where love and song lives ever more. Each gentle breeze brings me memories Of my sweet Hawaiian Rose And each flower fair I find blooming there To me her charms disclose But then I know that I will go At winters close to seek repose In the arms of my Hawaiian Rose.


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