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(MY HEART IS) HIGHER THAN A HAWK (Sammy Fain (m) / Paul Francis Webster (l) ) As sung by Howard Keel 1953 < Calamity Jane > (original film soundtrack) My heart is higher than a hawk My love is deeper than a well I'm thinkin' in a little while My love and I'll be doin' very well. An owl is givin' me the eye The wind is blowin' me a kiss I wouldn't be at all surprised If I were only dreamin' all of this. And when I strut about like a Sunny Jim Dressed in yeller and red Folks'll shout, "Take a look at him, he's tetched in the head." I said that I would never fall I laughed at others when they fell And here I'm falling, higher than a hawk And deeper than a well. And when we're all rigged out like a birthday cake Eyes'll pop everywhere. Folks'll shout, "Don't you think they make a wonderful pair?" I said that I would never fall But if you promise not to tell My love for you is higher than a hawk And deeper than a well. NOTES This song formed part of the soundtrack for the 1953 Warner Bros film < Calamity Jane >. Several stage, screen and TV renditions of < Calamity Jane > have been made over the years, based on this colourful American woman from the old wild West. Calamity, who distinguished herself by scouting and fighting Native American Indians, also claimed to have know Wild Bill Hickok personally. Not only that, she always maintained that she was married to him and produced a child from the union. On her death, she was buried beside him. Perhaps the most notable of all these adaptations to date is in fact, the 1953 film. This film was created by Warner Bros. in response to the success of < Annie Get Your Gun > (1950). Director: David Butler Leads: Doris Day / Howard Keel / Allyn Ann McLerie / Philip Carey Howard Keel, an American, was a talented singer, film, TV and Broadway actor. He appeared in a number of well-known musicals such as < Oklahoma >, < My Fair Lady >, < Showboat > and < Kiss Me Kate > . He is probably best known more recently playing the roll of Clayton Farlow in < Dallas >. (Transcribed by David Story- April 2014)


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