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MY LITTLE DREAM GIRL (Words by L. Wolfe Gilbert / Music by Anatol Friedland, 1915) The nighttime, the nighttime is calling me, it's dreamtime, sweet dreamtime, for you and me. I'm longing, I'm longing to close my eyes, for there a sweet vision lies. While shadows are creeping through the darkest night, In dreamland, sweet dreamland, there's your love light. It's beaming, it's gleaming and all for me, your vision I long to see. My little dream girl, you pretty dream girl, sometimes I seem, girl, to own your heart. Each night you haunt me, by day you taunt me, I want you, I want you, I need you so. Don't let me waken, learn I'm mistaken, find my faith shaken, in you sweetheart. I'd sigh for, I'd cry for, sweet dreams forever, my little dream girl goodnight.


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