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MY LITTLE GIRL (Sam M. Lewis / William Dillon / Albert Von Tilzer) (1915) Recorded by : Ernie Carson; Country All Stars; Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards; Ted Lewis. I write these lines to tell you that I'm sorry I Left home, because I'm all alone, why did you let me roam Some one put the jinx on me, I'm up against it strong, I'm out of work and so I wrote a song the first verse dear is very sweet, because it speaks of you, I'm sending you the chorus, read it through. The second verse is not complete, I cannot rhyme the part, That goes with aching heart, but I was never smart you know that the chorus is the part that must be heard, and now I've got a job to rhyme that word now if this song should make a hit, I'll marry you in June, and if it don't there'll be no honeymoon. My little girl you know I love you and I long for you each day my little girl I'm dreaming of you though you're many miles away I see the lane down in wildwood where you promised to be true my little girl I know you're waiting and I'm coming back to you.


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