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MY LITTLE PERSIAN ROSE (Words by Edgar Allan Woolf / Music by Anatol Friedland, 1912) I've seen flowers rare growing everywhere, but I've never seen a rose like you. From your haunt if I could tear you right up on my heart I'd wear you and no one could ever share you, I would be so true. But roses are like love and they fade as fast with all the storms that blow; love can't ever last. I'll shield you from all harms I'm mad about your charms I'll hold you in my arms till all dangers passed. When the fall draws near and the world looks drear and the roses start to droop and fade, I will wrap you completely in my loving arms so neatly that you'll keep on blooming sweetly, so don't be afraid when winter comes along with its frost and snows, and an icy blanket then over the world it throws. Little "Bride-Rose" have no fear, for the spring will then be near to bring us rosebuds, dear little Persian Rose. My little Persian Rose, nobody knows how I love you. Oh pretty flower, here in your bower, with love I'll shower you every hour a garden just for two I'm sure will do for me and you, Dearie, I'm wild about you, can't live without you, my little Persian Rose.


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