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MY LOST HORIZON Les Brown & His Band (vocal: Doris Day) - 1946 (Recorded as a "Soundie")* You're like a distant lost horizon My love, you're unattainable to me You're like some far off lost horizon My love, out where the sky meets the sea For just to hold you near would be like touching the stars Or reaching the Moon, caressing a tune But then elusively you slip right out of my hands You're just a mirage, but, Darling, you're grand Someday I'll find my lost horizon And you, until that day of days, I'll be Just like that ship on my horizon You see, that sails across the sea All through the dark and stormy weather Hoping some day we will sail together So, I'm striving toward my lost horizon In hope that we may meet some day *Soundies were an early form of the music video: three-minute musical films produced between 1940 and 1946. The films were displayed on the Panoram, a coin-operated film jukebox. (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2010)


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