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MY MAN JUMPED SALTY ON ME (Perry Bradford) Rosetta Crawford & Jimmy Johnson's Band Goin' down to the river, take a rope and a rock Tie it round my neck and jump off the dock Cause my man he jumped salty on me Ain't no one can change my mind I've been mistreated and I don't mind dyin' Cause that man jumped salty on me Gonna get me some poison, kill myself Cause the man I love has put me on the shelf The dirty old viper jumped salty on me If he didn't want me he didn't have to lie The day I see him, that's the day he'll die Cause that man jumped salty on me Baby you don't know my mind Lord, Lord, Lord, Baby you don't know my mind When you see me laughin', I'm laughin' just to keep from cryin' A crooked man's worse than crooked dice With dice you lose your money, with men you lose your life Oh that fool jumped salty on me I'm gonna get me a razor and a gun Cut him if he stands still, shoot him if he runs Cause that man jumped salty on me (Contributed by Sören Sjögren - April 2002)


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