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MY MAN'S GONE NOW from 1935 Broadway musical "Porgy And Bess" (George Gershwin (m) DuBose Heyward (l) 1935) as recorded by Julie London with Orchestra directed by Pete King 1958 My man's gone now, ain' no use a-listenin' For his tired footsteps climbin' up the stairs. Ol' man sorrow, come to keep me company, Whisperin' beside me when I say my prayers. Ain' that I mind workin', work an' me is travelers, Journeyin' together to the promised land. Ol man sorrow's marchin' all the way with me, Tellin' me I'm old now, since I lose my man, Since I lose my man, Since I lose my man. Ol' man sorrow, sittin' by the fireplace, Lyin' all night long by me in my bed. tellin' me the same thing, mornin' noon and evenin', That I'm all alone now, since my man is gone, Since my man is gone. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2014)


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