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MY MIDNIGHT PRISON (Marvin J Moore / Bernie Wayne) as recorded by The Andrews Sisters with Donn Trenner & his Orchestra 1963 Los Angeles My midnight prison, That's where I go each night, Right back to prison When I turn out my light. That carefree kiss we had was shared, Is there to see In my midnight prison Of memory! My midnight prison, Bound by the chains of love, A fool still clinging To what remains of love! I tried to break away, But how can I go free From my midnight prison Of memory? My windows have a big iron bar For every lie I've heard from you. No matter where I go at night, I still come right back to - My midnight prison; Unlock the door someday, For when you left me, You threw the key away! Oh please come back, please bring your love, And set me free, From my midnight prison Of memory, From my midnight prison Of memory! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2017)


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