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MY OLD DOG (Leslie Sarony) as recorded by Lew Stone & his Band (vocal - Nat Gonella) 1935 He would never grumble if I came home late, He'd just fuss around me, all agog. In his way he'd kinda say "Hello there, mate!", My old dog. I remember him when he was just a pup, By my side the little chap would jog. Proud as any peacock with his tail stuck up, My old dog. No fair weather friend, On him I could depend, He'd a look I'd often seen in kiddie's eyes. No pedigree to show, But roses seemed to grow In the corner of the garden where he lies! Whom I was or what I was, he didn't care, When the end is written in the log, If I go to heaven he'll be waiting there, My old dog! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2019)


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