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MY SAILOR BOY (Sherman Edwards / Donald Myer / Al Jacobs) as recorded by Connie Francis with Orchestra & Chorus conducted by Leroy Holmes 1956 My sailor boy, he sailed away to sea, My sailor boy, he sailed away from me. Though he's only nineteen, He's the wireless operator on a submarine, He's so adorable! My sailor boy, he sends me wires every day To tell me, although he is so far away, I'm his only love And the only only one that he's thinking of! He sends me flowers from Hawaii, Kimonos from Japan, French perfume that's really fine. But all I want is to love him, Oh, my sailor boy, And wedding bells that make him really mine! My sailor boy, when he comes home from the sea, My sailor boy, he's gonna marry me! That's the day I'll lose All the lonely lonely lonely lonely navy blues, All the lonely lonely lonely lonely navy blues! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2020)


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