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MY SIN (Buddy DeSylva / Lew Brown / Ray Henderson) Ben Selvin & His Orch. - 1929 Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians (vocal: Clare Hanlon) - 1929 Belle Baker - 1929 Annette Hanshaw (with the New Englanders) - 1929 The California Ramblers - 1929 Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends - 1947 Dick Haymes - 1947 Georgia Gibbs - 1954 Patti Page - 1956 Jackie Gleason & His Orch. - 1956 Peggy Lee - 1964 As recorded by ANNETTE HANSHAW: Maybe it's best that we're through What was it leading us to You were pretending, this is just ending Dreams that could never come true You go your way in content I'm trying hard to repent My sin was loving you Not wisely, but too well Your sin was letting me And getting me in your spell Our sin was following A love that could not be Now my sin is wanting you Though you've forgotten me (Orchestral Break) My sin was loving you And yielding to your charms Your sin was holding me And folding me in your arms Your sin is over now, I guess You've found your happiness And your love is over, too But my sin is just the same I'm still in love with you That's all! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2012)


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