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MY SISTER AND I Hy Zaret, Joan Whitney & Alex Kramer Joe Loss with Bette Roberts (vocal) Verse: The warm and lovely world we know has been struck by a bitter frost. But my sister and I recall with a sigh the world we knew, and loved and lost. Chorus: My sister and I remember still the tulip garden by an old Dutch mill. And the home that was all our own until - but we don't talk about that. My sister and I recall once more the fishing schooners pulling in to shore And the dog cart we drove in days before... but we don't talk about that. We're learning to forget the fear that came from a troubled sky. We're almost happy over here, but sometimes we wake at night and cry. My sister and I recall the day we said goodbye and then we sailed away. And we think of our friends who had to stay... but we don't talk about that. Copyright 1941 Published by Campbell, Connelly & Co Ltd 10 Denmark Street, London, W1 (Contributed by Paul Daniel - July 2009)


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