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MY SUPPRESSED DESIRE >From the film "Gang War" (1928) (Ned Miller / Chester Cohen) Abe Lyman's California Orch. - 1928 Coon-Sanders Orch. (vocal: Carleton Coon) - 1928 Verne Buck & His Orch. (vocal: Bill Chandler) - 1928 The Rhythm Boys - 1928 Take a look at me and you're bound to see Someone who lives right, happy day and night Would you like to know why I'm all aglow Ask me, then perhaps I'll condescend to tell you There she goes, my suppressed desire No one knows my suppressed desire I suppose that you'd like to know Who she is, but I'll never tell Here's the reason, it's plain to see She just doesn't belong to me Now you know why she is My suppressed desire If you have somebody you love secretly Then that's the secret of it all, you see I'm so happy, when I retire My heart flares like a blazing fire While I'm dreaming about My suppressed desire Boy, she likes to eat, and how I could buy her a steak right now If I thought I'd get a break, I'd buy her a cow She's my suppressed desire (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2014)


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