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MY SWEET EGYPTIAN ROSE (Edgar Allan Woolf / Anatol Friedland, 1917) In love's garden filled with flowers rare, There is one that I love the best. There are roses growing ev'ry-where, Still I'd choose you from all the rest. And my love will never let you fade, Flowers all need such tender care, Queen of all roses, that I've ever seen, You're the only one I ever wear. All the pansies and lilies fair, Used to win me with their charms, Heliotropes and dahlias so rare, They all thrilled me with love's sweet balms. But my dear, the moment I saw you, All the others seemed just like weeds, Love's sweetest symbol, sent from up above, None but Cupid could e'er plant such seeds. My sweet Egyptian Rose, Each fragrant breeze that blows, Seems to bring a message, dear, from you, Each little star at night That shed its silv'ry light Reflects the ardor of my love so true. The dainty Mignonette, The modest violet, I'll forget each one of them for you, dear, In Egypt's bower, There's just one flower, Egyptian Rose, that's you.


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