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MY SWEET HUNK OF TRASH (version 2) James Price Johnson (m) Flourney E Miller (l) Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong w Sy Oliver & his Orch rec 30thr September 1949 New York [bh] You don't add up to much, Ain't got that glamour touch, You're trifling lazy and worth a cigarette ash! [la] Look out there, mama, look out there! You carryin' me too fast, watch it baby! [bh] You're just my good for nothin', My sweet hunk o' trash! [la] My my, how you sound! [bh] You're very short on looks, [la] Hear hear hear! [bh] Dumb when it comes to books, [la] Look out baby, watch it honey! [bh] And you stay full of corn just like sochertash! [la] Whatd'you want me to do in my idle moments? [bh] Youre just a good for nothim', But my sweet hunk o' trash! [la] Let me get a word in there honey, You runnin' your mouth! You say I've worried you for years, I'm just a barfly moochin' beers, Whikle you sweat over a hot stove, slingin' hash. [bh] Worked my fingers right down to the elbows! [la] Yes, I may be good for nothin', But I'm still your sweet hunk o' trash! [bh] Forced to admit it, baby, forced to admit it! [la] You said I spread my love all around, And with the chicks all over town, But how can I when you keep me broke, So I can't spend no cash? Yes, I may be good for nothin', But I'm still your sweet hunk o' trash! [bh] Listen here pops, You know you lie about your youth, [la} I don't lie, baby, I'm just careless with the truth, that's all! [bh] How careless can you be? [la] I don't know. [bh] With all young chicks you try to make a flash, [la] Now baby, I didn't mean it like that, no! [bh] But you're still my good for nothin' My sweet hunk o' trash! Now when you stay out very late, It sure makes me mad to wait, [la] How come baby? [bh] 'Cause you come home too tired to raise one eyelash! [la] Watch it baby, watch it! [bh] You're just good for nothin', But you're my sweet hunk o' trash! [la] Yes indeed! note - version 1 was withdrawn and replaced by version 2 shortly after initial release following complaints because line 3 of the last verse was - [la] F--- 'em baby! However, compilation cd's may contain either version (Contributed by Peter Akers - April 2008)


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