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MY TOWN Patty Smyth I took a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge The new graffiti says that life's a bitch And now I hear this bridge is fallin' down Someone will steal it 'fore it hits the ground Now, I wanna go out walkin' in my own neighborhood Where I was just a little girl and life was good But the boys around the corner gonna f--k with me I'm gonna keep on walkin', they don't see This is my town I was born and raised on these streets This is my town Oh, yeah Oh oh, yeah My town Too many people are on the streets tonight It's way too hot, someone's lookin' for a fight What a mess of faces in an endless sea I'm gettin' tired of all this energy And I guess I could just pick it up And move outside of town And listen to the crickets when the sun goes down But then we couldn't hear them plain' down at S.O.B.'s Where my friend, Lincoln can get us in for free And this is my town I grew up too fast on these streets Hey, this is my town Oh, yeah Hey, hey, hey This is my town Ooh ooh, yeah And tonight the rain is fallin' Fallin' down The lights outside are changin' without a sound Oh, yeah -Instrumental- Now, lets' just take a train down into China Town Passed a house of candles, you know they burned it down Tomorrow is the Puerto Rican Day parade They'll be dancin' in the street Come to carry me away And this is my town I was born and raised on these streets This is my town I'm walkin' down these mean streets It's a big, bad town This is my town Hey, yeah yeah yeah This is my Oh, oh, my town (Fade to End) I said yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah, yeah (Transcribed by Carlene Bogle - July 2002)


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