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MY TRUCK'S THE OTHER WOMAN IN MY LIFE (Joe Barnhill / Gary Sneddon) Larry Scott - 1972 Well, I've got a situation that most folks don't understand A triangle consisting of two women and a man Talk's been goin' 'round for years, my wife and I agree There's not much that ain't been said about us 'cause two plus one is three By the standards of society that we live in today Nothin' really shocks you, but now it didn't used to be that way 'Cause I remember havin' fun with a game we used to play When I'd stay out pretty near all night and come in and sleep all day Folks never understood why I needed this other pal Or why my wife never interfered with my friendship for this old gal Now someone would make a wisecrack almost every day And it always raised some eyebrows when we would pull away I guess I oughta clarify before I go too far Every man needs a hobby, football, golf, or hittin' the bar And me I ain't no different as I struggle through my strife 'Cause my truck's the other woman in my life (It's a game we always shared just me and my wife) (My truck's the other woman in my life) Hope's the name I gave my truck 'cause it seemed to fit her just right And it's Hope that kept me goin' almost every night Some men come home smellin' of booze or with lipstick on their shirt The only thing I get on mine is a little truckin' dirt The respect I have in Hope only a trucker knows 'Cause I take a lot of pride in her everywhere we go She's a hard workin' woman with a lot more class than most We've hauled everything from soup to hay together from coast to coast If a man's gonna have another woman hangin' on the string There's somethin' I wanna tell you, son, just remember this one thing You won't get no phone calls from a mama full of fight Just make darn sure your truck's the other woman in your life (It's a game we always shared just me and my wife) (My truck's the other woman in my life) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2013)


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