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MY WISH CAME TRUE (Ivory Joe Hunter (m & l ) ) As sung by Margaret Whiting < Margaret Whiting's Greatest Hits > 1959 Note: Chorus indicated by square brackets My wish came true [My wish came true] When I met you [When I met you] I've searched and searched My whole life through. [My whole life through] There's just one thing [There's just one thing] Dear, before we start [Before we start] Don't say you care Embrace my heart. [Embrace my heart] When you speak of love Please be sincere For if you play with love It can bring tears, my dear. My wish came true [My wish came true] To my surprise [To my surprise] When you stood there Before my eyes. [Before my eyes] And when my heart [And when my heart] Started beating fast [Started beating fast] Was then I knew I found true love at last. Notes: Ivory Joe Hunter was a popular American singer songwriter of the 1940s - 50s. His work varied in it's style throughout his career backed by his piano creations, from boogie woogie to R & B and blues and finally to country. To his fans, he was known as the Baron of the Boogie. Many diverse artists recorded Hunter's songs throughout their careers...from Elvis Presley to Pat Boone and Isaac Hayes. Ivory Joe is perhaps best remembered for his string of 1950s hits I Almost Lost My Mind I Need You So Since I Met You Baby and Empty Arms Margaret Whiting was 1940s/50s pop, jazz, C & W singer and TV personality born in Detroit USA. She had a host of recordings and continued to entertain until the 1990s. (Transcribed by David Story- April 2014)


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