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BACK WHEN WE WERE BEAUTIFUL (Matraca Berg) Matraca Berg - 1997 The Vards - 2000 Margaret Wakeley - 2004 Teri Ralston (feat. in the musical show "Good Ol' Girls") - 2010 Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell - 2013 I guess you had to be there, she said, you had to be She handed me a yellowed photograph and then said, see This was my greatest love, my one and only love and this is me Back when we were beautiful, see I don't feel very different, she said, I know it's strange I guess I've gotten used to these little aches and pains But I still love to dance, you know we used to dance the night away Back when we were beautiful, beautiful, yes I hate it when they say I'm aging gracefully I fight it every day, I guess they never see I don't like this at all, what's happening to me To me But I really love my grandkids, she said, they're sweet to hold They would have loved their grandpa, those awful jokes he told You know sometimes for a laugh, the two of us would act like we were old Back when we were beautiful, beautiful, yes But I guess you had to be there (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2013)


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