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NAIROBI (Merrill) Bob Merrill - 1958 Tommy Steele – 1958 (Bom-a-bom-dee-dom Bom-a-bom-dee-dom Bom-a-bom-dee-dom Bom-a-bom-dee-dom) Nairobi (Nairobi) Nairobi (Nairobi) Listen to the cockatoo (Listen to the cockatoo) Singin' to the monkeys (Singin' to the monkeys) Nairobi (Nairobi) Nairobi (Nairobi) Meet me in the moonlight (Meet me in the moonlight) Riding on a donkey (Riding on a donkey) Meet me in the moonlight (A-ha) Just the way you used to (Hot dog) Talk a little love talk (Hey boy) Cook a little rooster (Cook a little rooster) Rolling in the sand dunes (Flying fishy) Flashing in the water (Don't get wet) I'm-a-gonna kiss you (You're gonna kiss me) Only when I oughta (That's nice) Nairobi (Nairobi) Nairobi (Nairobi) I'm a-gonna squeeze you (I'm a-gonna squeeze you) Pretty little gum drop (Pretty little gum drop) Nairobi (Nairobi) Nairobi (Nairobi) Hear the way my heart goes (Hear the way my heart goes) Jing-a-ling-a-pop-pop (Jing-a-ling-a-pop-pop) Don't tella a-mama (Oh no) Don't tella a-papa (I don't care) Meet me by the backporch (Oooh-hooh) Give a little ha-haa (Give a little ha-haa) I'm a-gonna be there (Where's that?) Waiting at the bamboo (Big bamboo) Give a little whistle (Peep peep) Make a little yoo-hoo (Yoo-hoo) Nairobi (Nairobi) Nairobi (Nairobi) Bring along a banjo (Bring along a banjo) Plink a little sing-song (Plink a little sing-song) Nairobi (Nairobi) Nairobi (Nairobi) Bring along a bongo (Bring along a bongo) Pick a lttle bing-bong (Pick a little bing-bong) (Bom-a-tom-a-tom Bom-a-tom-a-tom Bom-a-tom-a-tom Bom - bom Bom-a-tom-a-tom Bom-a-tom-a-tom Bom-a-tom-a-tom Bom!) (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - March 2004)


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