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NASTY DAN (Jeffrey Moss) Johnny Cash - 1975 Nasty Dan was the meanest man I ever knew He'd stomp and scream and be real mean the whole day through He'd frown a bunch, he ate nails for lunch and he'd never laugh He'd growl and yell and I heard tell that he never took a bath Nasty Dan Was a nasty man Hard to understand that Nasty Dan Now, Nasty Dan was a nasty man the whole day long He'd go where he could and he'd try real good to make things go wrong He'd jump for joy when a little boy would trip and fall And the only words that he ever said were "I don't like you at all" Nasty Dan Was a nasty man Hard to understand That Nasty Dan (SPOKEN: Now a real int'resting thing that I want you to know about is this here, because it's the most important thing. It concerns a girl and things like that.) Now, Nasty Pearl was a nasty girl that met Dan somehow She said, "You're like me, rotten as can be, let's get married now" So they went and they did and had a nasty kid and I must confess That Dan pretty much leaves everyone alone now And he doesn't bother anybody anymore 'Cause he just uh-lives in his uh-nasty old house With his nasty old wife And his nasty old kid In nasty happiness Nasty Dan He's a nasty man Hard to understand That Nasty Dan (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2010)


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